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    Are you, our Partners and Customers, looking for an effective solution to restructure your business as well as to increase productivity, efficiency, and profit?

    Are you having difficulty in managing human resources, finance, strategy, and business culture?

    Do you want to collaborate with a reliable, professional, and experienced partner to support you in the restructuring process?

    If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. NICOS Vietnam is a company specializing in providing business restructuring consultation support services with a team of leading experts in this field.

    NICOS Vietnam’s Business Restructuring Consultation Support Solution:

    • Consultation support for strategic restructuring, and rearranging the current investment portfolio:
      • Consultation support to redefine the strategy of the business. This is based on a SWOT analysis including strengths and weaknesses of the business, opportunities, and challenges of the market.
      • Consultation support for your business to re-establish the focus of manufacturing and business operations through the establishment of clear business chains and supporting activities; which areas to focus on investment, which areas should be cut down, whether the business should expand or reduce operations, etc… In this way, business chains with supporting activities will be grouped into a group under the management of the same leadership team, so that your business can utilize your business talent, and improve information exchange efficiency as well as best practices. This also helps your business improve control ability when the business has been successfully restructured and is easy to manage.
      • Consultation support to help your business regain strengths and vision, and exploit the current market. To do this, NICOS Vietnam will advise your business to rearrange the priority order of the investment portfolio to propose divestment plans for non-strategic projects. Thereby creating momentum for your business to consolidate leadership and personnel so that everyone can go in the right direction.
    • Consultation support for human resources restructuring:
      • Consultation support to rebuild the human resources structure and streamline as much as possible.
      • Consultation support to build job descriptions for each position function for each department.
      • Consultation support to build a KPI, and OKR system to evaluate employee performance.
      • Consultation support to build recruitment, evaluation, reward, human resources policies, salary, and effective training procedures.
      • Consultation support to help your business improve the way to attract and retain talent in the future when the business grows and develops.
      • Consultation support to organize competence, and personality checks for personnel to allocate people to the right position in the organization.
    • Consultation support for management process restructuring:
      • Consultation support to build, improve, perfect the apparatus, and streamline the system and operating procedures to enhance management efficiency. The change of a new vision requires the support, determination, and effort of the leadership and all employees of your business. NICOS Vietnam will assist your business in making changes that create a response from the staff of the business. This will ensure that changes take place quickly, and sustainably without breaking down the operating system.
      • Consultation support to set up operating procedures, production, and quality control.
      • Consultation support to build management procedures for each department.
      • Consultation support to build an information system connecting the entire business.
      • Consultation support to rearrange, and gather your business’s supporting activities (for example Human Resources, Information Technology, and Finance) into a shared service system, serving for the new structure of the business. Thereby ensuring that your business has a consistent service system, high efficiency with low cost.
    • Financial restructuring consulting support:
      • Support for consulting on restructuring the company’s capital.
      • Support for consulting on boosting revenue, limiting costs, and production costs.
      • Support for cash management consulting and building a reporting system.
      • Support for consulting on building sales policies, and purchasing policies to control cash flow.
      • Support for consulting on building a reasonable business plan.
      • Support for consulting on consolidation and rearrangement of your company’s current debt structure, reducing debt burden, and perfecting general financial terms related to debt structure.
      • Support for consulting on connecting with suitable Investors, Banks, or Financial/Credit Institutions.
    • Consulting support for restructuring production processes, and sales:
      • Support for consulting, reviewing, and considering increasing or decreasing production lines.
      • Support for consulting on research and development of new products.
      • Support for consulting on research investment in modern production machinery.
      • Support for consulting on setting up a customer evaluation and care set. Support for consulting on building sales policies for each stage.

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